Are your compliance resources strained by the pace of regulatory demands?

If your Firm is restricted by size or availability of resources, CCL’s C.O.R.E+ service will provide you with peace of mind that your compliance obligations are managed.

Combining the efficiency of our platform with insight of our compliance experts

A powerful and value-added combination of the CCL C.O.R.E Compliance platform and access to the deep regulatory knowledge and experience of our consulting team.

As a stand-alone tool, the CCL C.O.R.E Compliance platform adds depth, credibility and reliability to your compliance framework. In addition to the strength of the C.O.R.E Compliance platform, we will provide you with skilled compliance professionals to help deliver your regulatory obligations. These additional support services include:

  • Periodic Compliance Monitoring
  • Review of Financial Promotions
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Review of client onboarding
  • Ad hoc advice

Benefits of the C.O.R.E+ service

  • Brings deep regulatory expertise to your business
  • Reduces the cost of compliance resourcing
  • Allows your registered Compliance Officer to focus on the business
  • Brings value-added independent assurance of your compliance
  • Permits scalability without the fixed cost